Luanne Oakes A-432

Dr. Luanne Oakes and A-432 Tuning

One of the major influences to bring me to this point of view was Dr. Luanne Oakes. Finding her online is not as intuitive as it could be. She use to have her own web site, but now, having passed away in 2011, and gone ahead to the next reality, none of the people around her have chosen to keep it going.
While it was up I got a terrific CD, Jade Wu Life Force. I use it as ambient sound, to raise my mood. Also, it is a good CD for breath-work.

It is not the best intro to her work, though. For that I recommend Spiritual Alchemy.

That was my Get Acquainted with A-432 experience. It has extensive discussion of A-432 as a healing frequency, lots of stories, much insight into self-healing and self-actualization.

It also includes individual sound-scapes that balance and strengthen each chakra in the body. My experience with these sound-scapes convinced me of the efficacy of A-432.

Here is a very nice tribute to Dr Luanne Oakes.